Telenor 3G & 4G Activation Codes New Offers 2022

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If you are searching for the working Telenor 3G & 4G Activation codes, then we have got some best offers for you all in one place. Telenor is one of the best cellular network and internet service providers in Pakistan.

Telenor’s new 3G and 4G offers to allow you to the internet from anywhere in Pakistan by just dialing codes from your smartphone.

Before you dial these codes to activate your internet on Telenor SIM, please make sure your phone has a 3G or 4G connectivity feature in it.

Telenor Internet 3G & 4G Activation Codes

Telenor internet packages

Telenor is a multi-national company with its headquarters based in Norway and is one of the best-reputed companies in terms of network services. Today we discuss with you some best Telenor 3G and 4G internet package offers here

Telenor 3G and 4G Internet Packages

Below are some of the most valuable Telenor 3G and 4G internet packages with activation code and price

Package Name Price in RupeesData VolumeValid TillActivation Code
Telenor 4G daily Lite BundleRs.1250 MB1 DayDial *345*141#
Telenor 4G daily BundleRs.1575 MB1 DayDial *345*131#
Telenor 4G daily UnlimitedRs.13500 MB1 DayDial *10#

Note: If you will use the 3G and 4G service without using the above codes or subscription then you will be charged Rs.12 per MB. After using the internet for Rs.60 the rest of the internet service will be free for all day.

Telenor Internet packages for 3 Days

For Telenor Internet package for 3 days use the code in the list given below

Package Name Price in Rupees Data Volume Activation Code
Telenor 4G-3 Days BundleRs.35200MBDial *345*133# to activate

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Package Name Price in RupeesData Volume Valid For Activation Code
Telenor 4G weekly bundleRs.75750MBSeven Days*345*134#
Telenor 4G weekly unlimitedRs.702GBOne week*345*144#
Telenor Weekly PlusRs.1001200MBSeven Days*345*164#

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages 2021

Below are the best Telenor monthly internet packages

Package Name Price in Rupees Data Volume Valid For Activation code
Telenor Monthly Data OfferRs.1402GBOne MonthDial *345*301#
Telenor 4G Monthly StarterRs.3002250MBOne MonthDial *345*935#
Telenor 4G MonthlyRs.4784GBOne MonthDial *345*135#
Telenor 4G Monthly Plus BundleRs.119510.5GBOne MonthDial *345*136#

Telenor Social Internet Package

You can use up to 100MB of Telenor social internet package by simply using the code *5*325#. However, just keep in mind that this package is usually slower in terms of speed. Just make sure to use it for light use of Facebook.

Telenor 4G Internet Packages for Data Sim

Data Sim is meant to be used only for Telenor 3G and 4G internet packages. You can use Telenor Data Sim in any android mobiles or tablets. The Telenor Data Sim allows you Huge Data Volume than the prepaid packages. Below are some of the value Telenor internet packages for Telenor data sim.

Package Name Data Volume Price in Rupees Valid for Activation code
Telenor 4G Monthly Lite25GBRs.1500One Month*345*1001#
Telenor 4G Monthly Smart55GBRs.2200One Month*345*1002#
Telenor 4G Monthly Value100GBRs.3800One Month*345*1003#

Telenor Unlimited Internet Bundle

To subscribe Telenor Unlimited internet Bundle activate the code given below

Package Name Data Volume Price in Rupees Valid For Activation Code
Telenor Unlimited Internet BundleUnlimited from 5:00AM to 5:00PMRs.8One day*345*139#

Consequently, these were some of the best Telenor internet packages we have to offer to you guys. If you have found any mistakes then please do not forget to mention them in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Activate 3G Activation Codes on Telenor?

You can activate the 3G internet offers on Telenor by simply dialing the activation codes from your phone.

How activate Telenor 4g SIM?

First, you need to insert the SIM in your phone. Afterward, choose the 4G or LTE option from Network Mode on your phone. Save the option and your Telenor SIM will automatically switch to 4G network if you have activated the 4G package.

How can I check my Telenor SIM is 3G or 4G?

The first step is to check is whether your smartphone is compatible with the 3G or 4G network. Dial *444# from your phone and you will get the notification about the 3G or 4G availability. If still, you face any problems, then visit your nearest Telenor customer support center.

How check Telenor SIM 4g?

You can dial *930# from your phone to see different available 4G Telenor bundles. Select the 4G bundle that you need with replying to that SMS.

How can I check the Telenor SIM package?

You can simply dial *444# to get all the detail of your current package.

How can I get free MB on Telenor SIM?

There are many ways to get free MB on Telenor SIM. One way is to buy a new SIM and recharge Rs. 100. Dial *954# to get your free 1000 MB data. Recently, Telenor is offering 2GB of free data to new SIM buyers.

How can I get unlimited Internet on Telenor?

In order to get an unlimited internet offer on Telenor, simply dial *345*75# from your phone.

How can I get 500 MB in the Telenor app?

Telenor prepaid and postpaid subscribers can now get 500 MB through the Telenor app by dialing the subscription code *999# fort their phone.

How can I get free 2gb on Telenor?

You can get the 2GB free internet on Telenor if you recharge Rs. 100 or more. Dial *954# to claim your free 2000 MB internet.

How can I get free 5gb data on Telenor?

Open a new SMS on your type 1. Send this Sms to 771381 and you will get 5Gb for free. Or you can search by “Telenor Internet Package 771381” on the Google as well.