Best Audio-Technica Wireless Earbuds of 2021

top audio technica earbuds

Without any doubt, Audio-Technica has taken wireless listening to another level by producing some of the most innovative earbuds. And it is no exception that you can buy Audio-Technica earbuds without breaking your bank when compared to other brands in the market. With an affordable price and advanced features, here are some of the best … Read more

Sennheiser 363d vs Astro a50 | Which one is the best?

Sennheiser Vs Astro a50 comparison

So here we are one on one with the most top-performing headphones in the market, Sennheiser 363d vs Astro a50. Now both the products come up with their pros and cons. And both of them have been highly rated for their design and other features. But the question still goes on, Which one is better, … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A8 Review

A8 Galaxy 2018

.We were desperately waiting for the Samsung Galaxy A8. Samsung unveils the famous 2020 Galaxy A8 for us. Now Galaxy A8 comes with a large infinity display accompanied by a dual camera on the front for the perfect selfie. Samsung Galaxy A8 Review As always Samsung has continued the tradition of passing premium features to … Read more

Best Budget Snowboarding Gadgets for Beginners 2021

best snowboarding gadgets 2018

Snowboarding is more fun when you have the latest gear equipped with you. So, today I will discuss with you some best budget snowboarding gadgets for beginners which will add more colors to your snowboarding experience. Well, these picks from my side might be a little expensive, but they are the best right in the … Read more

LG G7 codenamed Judy will be the best phone from LG

LG G7 Rumours

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung and Apple presented their ideas about the coming future phones. But LG at this time showed no interest in the smartphone category. However, LG opted for an event in June 2018 for the announcement of a smartphone codenamed ?Judy? which is definitely LG G7 in this case. Most experts believe … Read more