Best 17-inch Laptops Under $600 [2022]

the 17 inch laptops to buy under 600 dollars

A 17-inch laptop is best for those who want a bigger screen for watching movies, doing photo or video editing, etc. Now there are different brands on the market to choose from. And this is a tough decision for beginners who have no prior knowledge of buying a laptop. Also, it becomes more difficult to … Read more

Best Laptop for Music Production under $700

guide about under 700 dollars laptop

In this technological age, music production is increasingly becoming an accessible option for many of us musically inclined folk. In order to make it easier on yourself and others who might be in the same situation as you are with your computer equipment needs- we’ve put together a list of what some people think are … Read more

How to Properly Clean Your Laptop in Simple and Easy Steps

how to clean your laptop

Do you ever feel like your laptop is making your skin crawl? It’s not just you. The build-up of dust and dirt on the outside of a computer can actually cause it to overheat, causing some serious damage that can cost as much as $700 to repair! To save yourself from this expensive repair bill, … Read more

Dell D2719HGF Review: Is it Worth Buying or Not?

Dell D2719HGF review

The Dell D2719HGF is one of the most affordable gaming monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync support. Moreover, it is one of those low-budget displays that have caught the attention of most PC gamers that don’t want to spend a lot of cash on the table. There’s been a lot of hot talk … Read more

Best 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter [2021]

pure sine wave 2000W

Pure sine wave inverters are important when it comes to installing a new solar system, or electricity backup system. Almost all of the equipment is designed to use the sign waves. Some household appliances like microwaves and other speed motors will not produce full output if they will not use sign wave power. If you … Read more