Nvidia DGX-2 is the World’s Most Expensive and Largest AI GPU

NVidia DGX-2

Deep learning has completely changed modern AI. This important algorithm that can automatically detect the important features out of data and can construct knowledge representation is amazing. Deep learning has sculpted modern AI and the thing that deep learning needs though is tons of data and more importantly tons of computing. NVidia has advanced so … Read more

5 Best Cheap Drones in Canada for Beginners 2021

cheap drones canada beginners

Drones are getting common in our day to day life. New models of drones are released every day. Most of these models come with really amazing features. Flying a drone needs a little bit of basic knowledge. That is why today I am going to discuss with you my list of 5 cheap drones in … Read more

New Tesla Sports Car will take you to Mars

We know it looks weird when we talk about a car going to space in the absence of highways. However, this is real guys as Elon Musk is serious this time in sending his sports car to Mars. You might be still thinking about how this is possible? For your information, the new tesla sports … Read more

Best Computer Games for Kids 2021 [Free Play]

Best Computer Games for Kids

Best Computer Games for Kids. Kids love playing games and when it comes to playing games on the computer, kids go crazy about it. With the advancement in gaming technologies, gaming trends have changed across the world. Not every game out there is good for your kids because most of them now days have blood … Read more