Onecoin Review for 2021 | Is it Still Worth Investing?

The digital currency has seen a rise and fall in the last few years. Especially, the famous Bitcoin has seen huge spikes last year but somehow it fell back to $6000 now.

Onecoin provides once in a lifetime opportunity to you in a more secure and steady way. Onecoin is the crypto-currency born after the popularity of Bitcoin.

In this Onecoin review, I will discuss with you how this all started and what is the future of Onecoin as a crypto-currency.

Onecoin Review in 2021

Onecoin started back in 2009 when Bitcoin got introduced and traded at 0.10$ per coin. Since then, it has been traded at $1000 per coin and has gained 75% more value since its birth. Onecoin, on the other hand, is much more than a crypto-currency. It’s a lifestyle concept offering unique opportunities for profitability and growth.

Onecoin review

No Trading Experience Required

This profitability is only available through invitation bases providing financial and business education platform at one spot. Onecoin has the most potential to become the most attractive crypto-currency on the market.

Due to its innovative approach and usability, this can be the next Bitcoin. You don’t need any prior skills about trading as Onecoin provides you 5 level education to earn a profit.

What are Onetokens?

All Onecoin education programs contain Onetokens. These tokens can be traded on Onecoin exchange much like the stock market. All members in this exchange earn profit buying and selling these tokens.

So it’s a better time to take this opportunity now and earn profit from the future crypto-currency.

How to buy Onecoin?

It’s Free to become One-member, however, if you want to earn a profit, then you have to buy one of the 5 packages. The well-known packages are Tycoon, Executive Trader, Pro-Trader, Trader, or Starter.

Onecoin Packages

  • Tycoon package costs 5,000 Euros,
  • Executive Trader costs 3,000 Euros,
  • Pro-Trader costs 1,000 Euros,
  • Trader costs 500 Euros
  • Starter costs 100 Euros

All these packages provide educational material on how to trade and earn profit from crypto-currency. Onetokens are included in every package a free bonus.

How you make money from Onecoin?

You make money from Onecoin in multiple ways

  • Direct Sales Bonus
  • Network Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Start-up Bonus
  • OneLife Club
  • Splits
  • Gold
  • Leadership program
  • OnePayments Card

Direct and Network Sales Bonus

In-network sales bonus you get a 10% bonus on all personal sales associated with Business Volume (BV). This means every sale you make you get a direct bonus for it. The network bonus is accumulated on the weaker side of your network team.

You receive 10% of all business volume from your sales team. And with you as a sponsor, your team members will place at your right and left aside. It’s up to you to assign members to your left or right side.

Matching Bonus

Matching bonus helps you grow your team to become more successful. The matching bonus depends upon your package you can up to generations of bonus up to 25%.

Start-up Bonus

During your first 30 days on your first purchase of product package, you will receive additional 10% on direct sales. So keep your momentum and build your team to get the maximum you can.

OneLife Point Bonus

By joining early you can earn OneLife point bonus. So join as much early as you can to gain more points than the people joining after you. Points can be redeemed for items like holidays, luxury items, and exclusive rewards.


As the OneToken increase in price on Onecoin exchange you will earn a profit. Not only from the price increase but moreover through the split of the token.

This means you double the number of tokens as you split. By holding a Tycoon Package, you can split your account 2 times, which means 4 times your money.

Gold Bonus

One has partnered with another type of crypto-currency, a so-called hybrid, first on the market to back-up the currency with solid gold. As a bonus, you get Aurum Gold coins, each of which is backed up with 1milligram of solid gold. These coins you receive free when you are a One-member.

Leadership Program

In our Onecoin review, a leadership program is something different to tell you about. The leadership program rewards you for being a top performer.

This program gives you special promotions such as cars, luxury watches, and other life-changing experiences. So, Onecoin provides you a very successful bonus to have a successful career.

How Onecoin pays?

Onecoin pays out bonuses on a weekly basis. So keep tracking your bonus payouts every week. On receiving a bonus payment, 60% of that amount is transferred to your account which can be used for withdrawal, buying tokens, or packages.

The other 40% of the amount is transferred to your mandatory account for buying tokens only.

Onecoin’s Future

In this Onecoin review, my main focus was to unveil the future of Onecoin or comparing it with Bitcoin. The most important thing about Onecoin is its advanced algorithm which can easily beat Bitcoin in the future.

I have heard most of the people saying that Onecoin is centralized, however, a true crypto-currency needs to be decentralized. Well, decentralized currency is more of a problem, let me explain in detail.

Onecoin review

Bitcoin VS Onecoin

Now, we know that decentralized means that no authority is controlling that currency. This is something similar to an airplane with no pilot or auto-pilot.

So, this means that an airplane can come down whenever it wants because nobody is controlling it. In this case, security hazards are more often to occur because there is no human input or people to deal with it.

Let’s take another example you make a trade online with someone. The seller demands 100 Bitcoins from you, you immediately send him the Bitcoins. The next day you ask him to send the goods and he refuses to deliver saying he didn’t receive the money.

What will you do in this case? Will you go to your bank? Will you go to any other financial institution? You cannot, because Bitcoin is independent of any source, you cannot claim your money or coins anywhere.

In Addition to this, if you had done this trade using Onecoin which is a centralized platform, things would have been different. Haven’t you received your good?

Just call the help center in Bulgaria and they will return your Onecoins within a second. This is how the Onecoin’s future is way better and safe than other crypto-currency networks.

Onecoin Value is Stable

There is a lot of fluctuation noticed in the past two years in Bitcoin. According to experts, Bitcoin will not be an ideal currency to invest in the future. The point to prove in this Onecoin Review is that Bitcoin’s value is not fixed it just depends on how much people invest in it.

In Addition, if investments are higher, the value of Bitcoin goes up. ?Moreover, Bitcoin transfers are not secure on both ends. There is the identity of the person who sends and receives it.

Therefore, people have used it for illegal acts most of the time. Furthermore, if the same illegal transfer is been made through Onecoin, then the sender and receiver both can be traced back to the roots.

Finally, the Onecoin future looks more secure and safe. There are maximum chances that the governments of different currencies will approve Onecoin due to its centralization and security features.

So this was a short Onecoin review to distinguish Onecoin from Bitcoin. If you have any queries let me know in the comments section down below.

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  1. How do I earn from onecoin? also let me know that where and how can we use this cryptocurrency to purchase any thing through onecoin?

    • I invested with onecoin in October 2018 on starter account and trader accounts in November 2018. When do i expect to begin getting future payments and how much? How will it be done, will it be on daily or weekly or monthly basis?

  2. WOW. What a surprise to explore your page. I am a long time networker. Amway…1996. Now i a. doing one and gira.
    January 8th was aupposed to bring BIG news?


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