How Anabolic Steroids Can Add Size & Strength to Your Body

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Steroids are the drugs favored by professional athletes to give a boost to their performance and muscles. You’ve no doubt heard about the steroids in the press how skinny people have remarkably grown up their bodies. There are many famous nutrition brands out there that sell steroids online. However, it’s important to know about the science behind steroids before you make your first purchase.

science behind steroids


A steroid is an organic molecule that occurs naturally inside the human body. Cholesterol for instance is a steroid that is found in all of our cell membranes. Also the male hormone “Testosterone” is also a period. In medical terms, steroids are prescribed as anti-inflammatory drugs to treat things like Asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. But these are the not ones we are looking for in this article.

For the much-maglined muscle maximizing molecules that are talking about are the anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are the group of molecules that have a very similar function and structure to the male sex hormone called “Testosterone”. Hormones are chemical messengers in our bodies that travel around and attach to cellular receptors to trigger specific processes in specific locations.

Testosterone is a male hormone known for developing masculine features and characteristics. Testosterone triggers anabolic effects stimulating muscle and bone growth by making proteins. Men usually produce a lot more testosterone than women.

Why we need more Testosterone When It Occurs Naturally?

Well, there is a limit up to which human body can produce Testosterone. It means there is a limit up to which your body can build muscles. I myself have been into bodybuilding for more than 4 years. So there is a point till which your body will grow and then it stops.

So it’s the time to enter the world of “Synthetic Anabolic Steroids”. Anabolic steroids are taken by professional bodybuilders who are competing for the World titles like Mr. Olympia. However, it’s important to use them after consulting your doctor or fitness expert.

How Steroids Actually Work to Grow your Muscles

When we workout, we put a strain on the muscles on our muscles. If we put a little bit more weight on our muscles, the fibers in those muscles are physically broken and need to be fixed. To fix fibers, extra proteins come in and reinforce the fibers making them physically thicker. By doing so, the muscle increases in size. But there is a limit for your muscles to gain size as there is not enough testosterone production in the body.

how steroids work

Once you take the anabolic steroids, the production of testosterone in your body increases which produces more proteins. However, steroids alone cannot work unless you adopt the right exercise and a protein-rich diet. Therefore, a high dose of steroids without exercise and diet can lead to unwanted side effects like acne and high blood pressure.

Some hardcore steroid users adopt different techniques to control their steroids intake routine. Cycling is a technique where users take breaks in their self-medication. Another is stacking, where they buy several anabolic steroids and pyramiding where they slowly increase the dose over time.