Best Budget Snowboarding Gadgets for Beginners 2022

best snowboarding gadgets 2018

Snowboarding is more fun when you have the latest gear equipped with you. So, today I will discuss with you some best budget snowboarding gadgets for beginners which will add more colors to your snowboarding experience. Well, these picks from my side might be a little expensive, but they are the best right in the … Read more

LG G7 codenamed Judy will be the best phone from LG

LG G7 Rumours

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung and Apple presented their ideas about the coming future phones. But LG at this time showed no interest in the smartphone category. However, LG opted for an event in June 2018 for the announcement of a smartphone codename Judy which is definitely LG G7 in this case. Most experts believe … Read more

LG 55B7A (B7) OLED Review in 2022

oled news LG B557A OLED

LG 55B7A (B7) Latest OLED Review. For a very long time, we have been getting amazing OLED TV family members from LG and we got the latest OLED news for you people. Yes, the famous LGB7 is the OLED TV you surely wanna hang on your matt painted wall in your TV lounge. Yeah, you … Read more

Ufone 3G Internet Packages 2022 with Activation Codes

Ufone Internet packages 2018

Ufone is one of the most trusted cellular networks in Pakistan. Especially, when it comes to surf the internet, then there is no better network than Ufone. Ufone is a subsidiary of PTCL and is in operation since 2001. Later in 2006, it became a part of Etisalat 2006. At the time it has nearly … Read more

Best DSLR cameras in Pakistan for Beginners 2022

best dslr cameras in pakistan

Well? if you are a traveler or a great admirer of beauty, antiquity, something weird, or something unusual and you love to capture moments to keep them fresh and alive for years and years, all you need is a CAMERA. If you want high resolution, best quality, perfect shot, natural texture, and admiration for your … Read more