Are 60% Keyboards better than Full-Size Keyboards?

which is better, 60% or full-size keyboard

Which keyboard layout should I purchase? Any newbie to the hobby of mechanical keyboards often asks this as one of their first concerns. Moreover, for good cause too! The keyboard layout we select affects how we use it and typically increases productivity. The size and number of keys are the fundamental distinctions between 60% and … Read more

Best GOBO Projector for Wedding Events [2022]

Wedding gobo projectors

Choosing the right projector is challenging, whether you are an event manager overseeing wedding venues and other locations for events or a mobile DJ searching for one to add some visuals to your performance. Most people find that the variety of available work surroundings is critical. The trick is to find a projector that can … Read more

Best Document Camera for Zoom Conference Calls [2022]

ultimate guide document camera for Zoom

Sharing and viewing documents in real-time online might be tricky. Imagine you want to show someone a drawing, but it is printed onto paper. If you have someone’s contact information, you can snap a photo and share it. However, if the situation is entirely different and you are on a zoom call or using any … Read more

Best Gaming Headsets for Halo Infinite [2022]

ultimate guide to headphones for Halo Infinite

Not every headphone works best with the Halo Infinite. There are a lot of sound effects in the Halo Infinite game, so you’ll need high-quality headphones to differentiate between those effects. If you are playing Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, then you’ll need a headphone that can let you hear every move made by your enemy … Read more

Best Headset for Dead by Daylight [2022]

ultimate buying guide to best headset for dead by daylight game

Since launching in 2016,¬†Dead by Daylight¬†has become one of the most popular multiplayer games across platforms. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player plays the ruthless killer, and four others play as survivors. It breaks from traditionally linear horror gameplay to put equal pressure on all five players and their … Read more