How to Properly Clean Your Laptop in Simple and Easy Steps

how to clean your laptop

Do you ever feel like your laptop is making your skin crawl? It’s not just you. The build-up of dust and dirt on the outside of a computer can actually cause it to overheat, causing some serious damage that can cost as much as $700 to repair! To save yourself from this expensive repair bill, … Read more

Best Laptop for Listening to Music [2022]

Ultimate guide to best laptop to listen music

Listening to music is something that keeps you motivated wherever you are. When it comes to playing your favourite songs on a laptop, then not every machine holds a crown for it. If you hold an expensive laptop, it doesn’t mean that it would be good at playing music. Laptops that come with high-quality built-in … Read more

Best Asus Laptops Under $700 [2022]

guide on best Asus laptop under $700

Asus has a massive portfolio of laptops in almost every budget category. And if you are up to low-budget laptops from Asus that sit under the $700 price range, we got you covered. In this guide, we’ve tested and reviewed some of the best laptops from Asus that have a huge demand among students, office … Read more

Best Non-Touch Screen Laptops [2022]

collection of the nontouch display laptops

Although the laptop market has been shining with touchscreen laptops from famous brands like HP, Dell, and Asus, non-touchscreen laptops are considered durable and reliable among students and professionals. It is because the touch-screen laptop loses its sensitivity over time and the replacement cost of the touch screen is expensive. Laptops that come without a … Read more

Best Budget Laptops for College Students [2022]

cheap laptops students 2018

It is back to school or college season and you are looking for the best laptop for your study. We got you covered as we bring you the best laptops for college students on tight budget. Best Budget Laptops for College Students Now we are not only talking about the best laptops, not the cheap … Read more