How to Clean a Touch Screen Laptop [Do & Don’t]

this is how you can clean a touchscreen laptop easily

In today’s society, touchscreen laptops and PCs are incredibly beneficial. You can simply tap the screen to scroll and open files, whether you use it for business or play. Your touch screen laptop gets dusty from time to time, just like any other equipment. It’s cloudy due to the dirt and your fingerprints as well. … Read more

Can a laptop be charged via USB with a power bank?

Informational guide on charging a laptop

Can you use a power bank to charge a laptop? Yes, you can. One must consider the power rating, ports, and battery capacity when charging a laptop with a power bank. And in this guide, we’ll discuss in detail how many watts a laptop needs to fully charge when using a power bank. Don’t worry, … Read more

Best Thin and Light Gaming Laptops [2022]

light and thin laptops for gaming geeks

The best thin and light gaming laptop is a great bargain for those who are serious about Video games. Even though you may potentially travel with any gaming laptop as they are often not tied to a power source or Ethernet wire. A slim and light gaming laptop is a far better choice for prolonged … Read more

Why does your laptop keeps getting hot and then shut down?

fixing the laptop overheating issues

It is a problem when electrical and electronic components heat up while being used. For this reason, laptops have sophisticated cooling systems. However, when a strange element interferes with this system, the computer has the propensity to overheat. When a certain temperature is reached, it eventually turns off. Even if it starts functioning normally, again … Read more

Best Laptops with Full-Sized Keyboard [2022]

Buying guide for laptop with large size keyboard

One of a laptop’s most underrated characteristics is the keyboard. When shopping around for a new portable PC, it is typically not too difficult to get information on performance specs. Finding any meaningful information on a laptop’s keyboard is frequently far more difficult. This is fairly challenging when you take into account that you are … Read more