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Best Standalone Smartwatches with SIM 2020 [Complete Guide]

Way back a watch on your hand was something similar to a cell phone we have today. It might not be wrong to say that watches were the gadgets of good old days. Companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei have worked hard to set this trend back in the form of a smartwatch. A smartwatch is a modified version of a classic watch with features like a sim slot, operating system, and camera. I will let you know about some of the best standalone smartwatches to buy in 2018.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Best Standalone Smartwatches with SIM 2020[/su_heading]

Smartwatch allows you the set the display and features like the way you want it. Android and iOS powered smartwatches are available in the market at different prices. With enhanced features like heart rate monitor and integrated camera, smartwatches are the best alternative to the traditional watches.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Pebble Time Smartwatch[/su_heading]

best standalone smartwatches


A smartwatch meant for those who love simple and nice looking gadget. It not only looks decent but it also comes with a decent and affordable price. It comes with rubber and steel band strap to choose between.

The display quality and reflections on this smartwatch are super awesome. The only downside I found was a dim screen in bright outdoor conditions. However, you donít need to worry about the rainy weather because it’s fully water resistant. The battery life on the watch lasts for nearly 4 days which really amazed me.



This watch offers you a simple neat design with plenty of faces to choose from. You can switch between Android and iOS faces which is great. However, the only downsides are it has no touchscreen features. This makes it a bit difficult to navigate through different apps on the screen.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch[/su_heading]

Samsung gear s3 smartwatch 2018



Samsung is the most trusted brand when it comes to buying a smartwatch. S3 is the combination of durability and performance at one spot. Gear S3 is powered by Samsungís own Tizen operating system which is something completely different from Android and iOS.

Samsung Gear S3 allows you to store up to 4GB offline music into the Spotify Playlist. This allows you to listen to your favourite music even when you have no internet connection. The always-on display from Samsung is the best you will find on any smartwatch in the market. Itís completely the best standalone smartwatch to buy in 2018.

However, the only downsides are that it looks a bit bigger on your wrist. Secondly, the Tizen limits you to some popular apps that are only available for Android and iOS.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Xiaomi Amazgift Smartwatch[/su_heading]

best Smartwatch of 2018


Xiaomi Amazgift Smartwatchhones only, but the Chinese giant has started taking interest in smartwatches as well. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch with high battery life, then Xiaomi Amazgit might amaze you.

The Amazgift comes with a decent looking design and builds quality. The battery life on Amazgift lasts from 3 to 5 days on a full charge. However, the companion apps with it are limited to most apps and features. Besides that, it is a budget-friendly smartwatch for a newbie.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]ASUS ZenWatch 3[/su_heading]

best smartwatches with Fitness Tracker 2020



We have seen ASUS struggling in the cell phone market. But, ASUS is grabbing the smartwatch market by producing high-quality products. ASUS ZenWatch 3 offers a bezel-less screen with 2.5D Gorilla Glass to add extra protection.† This is one of the few smartwatches that comes with AMOLED display screen.

ZenWatch 3 offers features like fitness tracking and important sensors that make it one of the best standalone smartwatches of this year. The battery on ZenWatch 3 can last for a maximum of 2 days on a full charge. It is super light and comfortable to wear. In terms of cons, ZenWatch 3 needs improvement in the fitness tracker section only.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]KingWear KW88 Standalone Smartwatch[/su_heading]

kingwear 88 smartwatches 2018


You might not have heard the name of this smartwatch company. But Kinnear is an emerging Chinese company producing high-end products. Moreover, the price of this smartwatch is less than $100 with promising features.

Though the camera quality is bad it embeds AMOLED screen, Bluetooth, and other useful features. KW88 is powered by MediaTek processor and has 4GB of storage capacity. On the other hand, the battery life on this smartwatch is really bad. The reason for this might be the Bluetooth, a powerful processor or Wi-Fi. The battery just lasts for 8 hours which is not something I was expecting.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Apple Smartwatch Series 3[/su_heading]

Best standalone smartwatches with SIM LTE


Apple Smartwatch Series 3 is the best yet expensive watch from Apple so far. This thing looks similar to any other Apple watch you have seen in the past. A good thing about this is that there is a lot of band and accessories from Apple and third parties available for this watch. You can customize it the way you want it to be. You can customize it for the sports or make it look formal for the office.

Apple Smartwatch Series 3 comes with a Retina touchscreen display. For $329, you get a smartwatch loaded with tons of appealing features. It is water-resistant so you donít need to take it off during swimming or bad weather. The fitness tracker works perfectly fine and itís loaded with tons of fitness apps.

Series 3 comes with a lot of watch faces, so you can customize it the way you want. It has got a perfect GPS navigations system as well. Furthermore, battery life in Series 3 is amazing. It lets you pass 2 days easily on a full charge. Definitely, one of the best standalone smartwatches of 2018 if you are looking for a high-end performance

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Conclusion[/su_heading]

Finding the best standalone smartwatches is not an easy task, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from. I prefer you should go for the ones that are compatible with accessories and apps available in the market. Android Wear OS smartwatches from Huawei, ASUS, Samsung and LG are compatible in terms of third-party apps and accessories. You should always choose the one that fits your need. However, if you are a newbie, I donít recommend you to go for anything over $100.


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