Best DSLR cameras in Pakistan for Beginners 2022

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Well? if you are a traveler or a great admirer of beauty, antiquity, something weird, or something unusual and you love to capture moments to keep them fresh and alive for years and years, all you need is a CAMERA.

If you want high resolution, best quality, perfect shot, natural texture, and admiration for your artistic photography then DSLR must be your choice. And if you are looking for some of the best DSLR cameras in Pakistan, you can check out our buying guide.

Best DSLR cameras for Photography in Pakistan

Here are some of the best picks from our side;

1. CANON EOS 1300 D

best dslr cameras to buy in Pakistan

?A marvelous addition to the progeny of cameras and a one worth calling a masterpiece in the present time.

To its users, it offers a camera lens of 18-55 mm, screen size 3 inch, with a brand warranty of one year. It is USB enabled, Wi-Fi capable and NFC pairing featured the camera.

It gives a highly detailed, vibrant, and optically active picture to its users. Moreover, it can capture a fast action image as it features a 3 fps(frames per second)shooting range.

An ideal piece for the DSLR beginners that can give composed and anticipated shot preserving all the natural elements and keeping it pretty eye-catching!


Dslr cameras in pakistan Samsung NX30

?A mind-blowing addition with fabulous features. This DSLR entertains its users in a way one can only dream of. An outstanding piece with an 18-55 mm lens and 20.3 MP CMOS sensors promises you a spectacular image even in dim light.

Autofocus system and an unbelievable shutter speed of 1 / 8000 second of this piece make it the most favorite among many other best ones.

It can capture a fast-moving object quite easily without the fear of being blurred, can share images to smartphones and other devices, has NFC, and the most desired feature is Wi-Fi.

Its elegant design, easy handling, marvelous capturing, and superb features are always desired and admired.

3. SAMSUNG NX-1000

Samsung NX 1000 dslr camera pakistan

The mind-blowing piece with fabulous features. It has a 20 MP range with a 3.0-inch screen display. It facilitates with smart link hotkey, selective color function with 10 smart filters.

Its features further include panorama and a smart panel, 9x series lenses, style and perfection, fast shutter speed of 1 /4000.

It captures speedy images and never misses your once in lifetime moment capturing chance.

Natural texture, elegant design, high-speed capturing, and premium functioning undoubtedly make it one of the best DSLR cameras to buy if you are living in Pakistan.

4. OLYMPUS OM- D E – M10 1442- EZK

Olympus dslr cameras pakistan

Easy?easy?its name might scare you and sound pretty weird but its features will drive you crazy and a must-buy item.

A superb invention with 14-42mm lens, built-in flash, wifi, max ISO sensitivity of outstanding range, full HD enabled movie, 3-inch screen size, touchscreen, and whatnot. All these features make this camera worth buying.

Finally, these were some of the best DSLR cameras to buy in Pakistan in 2021.

Photography enables you to rewind, to go back to your past, to recollect your emotions in tranquillity? so grab your favorite camera and start making memories that last forever!


Which is the best DSLR camera under 50000 in Pakistan?

There are many DSLR cameras under Rs. 50,000 to buy in Pakistan. However, such cameras are beginner-level cameras that are best for learning professional photography. Nikon D5300 18-55 mm camera is an entry-level camera meant for people on a tight budget.

What is the lowest price of DSLR camera?

The lowest price DSLR cameras are Canon 3100 and Nikon D5300.