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Best drones in India under 10,000

cheap drones india

Drones are becoming popular and cheap day by day. The price of a drone mostly depends upon its size, signal range, flight, camera, etc. However, there are some good quality drones available in the market for less than $100 or 10,000 Indian Rupees. Before buying a drone, it is important to know the purpose you are buying it for. If you are just buying it for professional purpose, then you need to spend a lot. But if you are getting a drone for just fun and outdoors then this list of best drones in India under 10000 might be helpful for you.

Best drones in India under 10,000

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]1. SuperToy Drone Professional Quadcopter[/su_heading]

cheap drones indian under 10000

I will start this list from SuperToy, which is a cheap drone under10000 to get your hands on. Now, this comes at a cheap price doesn’t mean that it will not perform well. The high build quality and rugged design make it one of the best drones in the market.


  • SuperToy Drone Professional Quadcopter can take flight as high as 80 meters.
  • Its super light and responsive.
  • Fast flight


  • It has no camera, so have to buy a new camera and mount on it.


[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]2. Syma X5SC 2.4G 4 Channel 6 Quadcopter[/su_heading]

cheapest drones in india


SymaX5SC 2.4G is something I will recommend for newbies. This is super cool in design with 12” length and width. Believe it or not, it just weights not more than 2 pounds. Furthermore, it comes with HD camera to take aerial shots. Moreover, you get a 2GB memory cards, USB transfer cable and extra propellers. Obviously, one of the cheapest drones in India to get under 10000.


  • High Definition Camera
  • Cheap Price
  • Gyro Stabilizer with 6-axis
  • Steady blades


  • It lacks a GPS
  • Battery life if 6minutes


[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]3. Babyee Nano Lighting Quadcopter[/su_heading]

best drones in India with camera


As the name suggests, this thing looks quite decent with a unique design. Babyee drone can get a flight as high as 25 meters. It is one of the best drones in India under 10000 you can get. In addition to this, this is more of a stunt drone in the market. You can do 360 spins and3D rollovers in any direction on this drone. It can make a flight of maximum 8 minutes before the battery gets down. It allows you to recharge the battery via USB cable.


  • Awesome Design
  • Durable Quality
  • Nice performance


  • Miss the camera in the box.

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]4. Syma X5H Drone[/su_heading]

cheap drones in india


Syma X5H is one the cheap and best drones to buy in India under 10000. It comes with an HD camera that allows you to record videos in the outdoors. Furthermore, you get additional router blades in the box as well. Though, you also get a dedicated controller that comes in the box.  Syma X5H can also be controlled with a dedicated app that you can download from the PlayStore.


  • Good Design
  • Stable in windy weather
  • Good battery life up to 10 minutes


  • Camera quality is not good

[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]5. HUBSAN X4[/su_heading]

drones under budget


One of the most affordable and best drones in India under 10000 that deliver a nice performance. X4 allows you to get in contact up to 100 meters. Moreover, it comes with a mountable 2MP camera and 380mAh battery. Flight time on HUBSAN X4 lasts from 6 to 8 minutes. It also got the 4.3-inch display screen on the controller to see things from up there.


  • Good camera quality
  • Durable build quality
  • LED indicators on propellers


  • Unstable in windy conditions
  • Non-removable battery


[su_heading size=”23″ align=”left”]Conclusion[/su_heading]

Whenever you get out there to find a cheap drone in the market just make sure that you get the one that suits your needs. Furthermore, flying a drone needs a little bit practice if you are a newbie. Before you get a high-end drone, it is better to practice on a cheap one.

Finally, this was the list of cheap best drones in India under 10000. If you got some more info on low budget drones, then let me know in the comments section down below





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