Spy and innovation cameras Review 2019

The world of technologies is constantly changing. Spy cameras flood the market with innovations and only Dash Cam or Nanny Cam with Audio can take us out of this platform and showcase the best products. What is the 2019 review?

Spy and innovation cameras Review 2019

 BigBrother, a reality with the broadcast of live images from cameras around the world without the owners’ knowledge How does a website broadcast on the web without the knowledge of their owners of real-time camera images? The creator of the Insecam.org project boasts of having developed the world’s largest directory of security cameras and online surveillance. The insecam.org site created by an anonymous is registered at GoDaddy with an IP address that refers to Moscow. It continuously streams images intercepted from unsecure IP webcams / cameras from individuals or businesses around the world.


The site is accessible in English, Chinese and Russian. It references nearly 22,000 cameras around the world, including 1,077 in France against 5,504 for the United States and 1,746 for Japan.In total, 26 countries are listed on the site, Spain (284), Germany (529), Turkey (1190), Canada (244), Russia (699).The number can increase or decrease each hour. The insecam.org website broadcasts video images of poorly secured surveillance cameras. You can view offices, warehouses, shops, churches, garages, gardens, elevators, all categorized by country, city, and camera model. The site exposes the privacy of individuals without their permission, which is a flagrant violation of privacy laws.

The addition of IP cameras on the site is probably automated by a robot via a complex development that is responsible for scanning all webcams. The coordinates of the cameras are approximate. They point to the ISP address and not the physical address of the camera. Coordinates are provided only to locate the city where the camera is located, but not its exact location or address.


The solution: secure your IP cameras

Despite regular speeches about computer security and piracy, some camera owners, who are observed, are not necessarily aware that this is happening in their backyard, apartment, or office. To escape these intrusions, it is urgent to change the password of the camera, because the site exploits basic flaws. Namely an original password never changed: the style “admin”, “0000”, “9999”, “1234” …We strongly recommend that you change the default passwords for your IP cameras and inform other camera users.

 Spy and innovation cameras 2019

The Spyscape Museum

Between museum and interactive space, the Spyscape Museum has settled in premises of over 5,000 m2, near Central Park.


Between the museum and the escape game

During the visit, visitors can, among other things, test their resistance to the detector of lies, try the techniques of hacking and cyber attack and even assess their agility by avoiding touching the lasers of the room of the “Ops Challenge”.Users are equipped with a connected bracelet, allowing the museum to create a tailor-made spy profile as they go along. This tracking system was designed in cooperation with a former British intelligence officer training officer.At the end of the visit, the system issues the profile of the double agent: a treating officer, analyst, hacker or special agent.The main space of the museum houses a gigantic steel pavilion in which the public can watch 360 degree surveillance camera video and solve an investigation. Access is via a lift in which a sound and visual device briefs budding spies on their missions.


From history to news

The history of espionage is also highlighted, including an interactive retrospective on the fate of Alan Turing. This British mathematician is famous for helping to decipher the code of the German Enigma machine during the Second World War. In parallel, different anecdotes of espionage are told you in different formats.The museum also offers documents related to the American double agent Robert Hanssen, passed over to the Soviets in 1979, and confused in 2001 alone. A room is also dedicated to the American-born resistance fighter Virginia Hall, who carried out numerous missions on French territory during the Second World War, and another to the Cuban missile crisis.


Educational museum

“Skyscape is also an educational museum,” says Shelby Prichard, museum manager. “We wanted people to come here to learn more about the history of espionage but also to see how espionage affects their everyday lives. We take our role very seriously in helping people understand how they can apply what they learn here in real life. “In tune with the news, the museum also wants visitors to gain practical skills, as well as knowledge of current issues, such as online data protection.


Adviteck Spy + 2019 – Spy Camera Button for Videos and Photos UNDETECTABLE

The new Adviteck 2018 spy camera button model offering video and photo recording is today one of the most discreet spy devices on the market. Thanks to its micro-lens of only 2mm in diameter, it is impossible to suspect that it is actually a camera unless you examine it thoroughly.


This camera button has been designed to find the right balance between image quality, memory optimization and operational autonomy. The quality of the image, without being HD, as it is unfairly claimed by most existing offers, is very satisfactory and certainly one of the best at the moment given the constraints of miniaturization.




With a design that is both simple and uncluttered, you can simply press the button discretely to start video recording or taking pictures once the device is turned on and ready for use. A pre-inserted 8GB card and a connection cable are also included in the box so you can try it upon receipt of the package.


Working with all computer brands and operating systems, you will be able to use your camera without having to install any particular driver or software. Its built-in battery gives it a battery life of about 1 hour in the case of continuous video recording and up to 4 hours for less intensive use.


In addition to the shipping and legal warranty of 2 years, you can return your item for free within 30 days if it does not suit you. Our start-up places a lot of importance on customer service and we answer within 24 hours if there is any problem. A manual fully in French is included but we remain available if needed.


Spy on Instagram with Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most effective and easy-to-use solutions for spying on Instagram and other popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat and more. It can also be used to obtain a real-time location of a device and track its calls, messages, contacts, etc. After installing the app on an Android device, you can spy on Instagram from the internet dashboard. Using this Instagram spying app is pretty easy.

Spy on Instagram with iKeyMonitor

If you are looking for another Instagram spying app, you can also try iKeyMonitor. Like Spyzie, it can also work in stealth mode, allowing you to spy on an Instagram account without being spotted. From SMS and calls to activities and messages on social networks, you can access everything from this tool. Although, unlike Spyzie, iKeyMonitor can only be used to access messages sent via its Keylogger function.

Spy on Instagram with TheOneSpy

Monitor the activity of your kids, friends or anyone on Instagram using TheOneSpy app. Just like other popular Instagram spy app options, this one can also let you see how a person uses the app. In addition to accessing their messages directly on Instagram, you can also access the media files they have shared. In addition, you can see the likes and comments left by the user or know his followers. You can even monitor messages on their Instagram feed.


Spy on Instagram with mSpy If you are looking for a reliable and effective spying app, you can also try mSpy. It provides a complete way to track calls, contacts, location, activity on social networks and more. It also offers a keylogger function that can be used to access direct messages on Instagram. The use of mSpy is quite easy. In three simple steps, you can configure mSpy and use it to spy on Instagram. 1. Just go to the official mSpy website https://www.mspy.com/ here and download the app on your Android or iOS device.2.

You can configure the tool in the same way as any other application and enable the monitoring function.3. Whenever you want to spy on Instagram, just go to your internet dashboard.4. From there, you can see the direct messages on Instagram and the activity on other popular social media applications. This will allow you to follow the story of someone using Instagram without him / her knowing it.

You can simply choose an ideal application that meets your needs. Since each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Ideally, we recommend that you try Spyzie. It has an easy-to-use interface and delivers effective results in no time. In addition, it comes with many additional features that will allow you to spy on someone without being detected.



Insta360 pro

What about Insta360 pro which won the first prize of Innovation Award, in the Digital Imaging and photography category and Insta 360 X which uses 360-degree technology to reinvent the action camera, was chosen as an Innovation Awards Honoree in the same category.

 According to “Liberation”, a French newspaper, the boom of video surveillance “made in China” worries the world

CCTV cameras everywhere … and this is just the beginning. In 2016, China alone accounted for 176 million and already weighed 42% of the world market, according to the American firm IHS Markit. By 2020, their number could rise to 626 million. A colossal domestic market for the national flagship industry, Hikvision and Dahua Technology, based in Hangzhou, in the east of the country. But if the two companies are for some years, respectively, number 1 and number 2 worldwide of this type of equipment, it is also because the know-how of the Chinese Big Brother knows how to export. Start-up.Hikvision, which now has 18,000 employees and a stock market of more than $ 20 billion, has opened offices in 17 countries, from the Netherlands to South Africa and from Singapore to the United States. United States, via Brazil or France.

With 15% of the CCTV market in the Europe-Middle East-Africa zone, he leads the race and is second in the Americas. At Dahua Technology, sales are “in more than 180 countries” and 22 offices outside China. In addition to these two heavyweights, there are also start-ups that rise, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. SenseTime, a company specializing in facial recognition, which is part of China’s Ministry of Public Security and some 40 local governments, recently announced plans to open a R & D center in the United States in 2018. Still, commercial successes made in China are increasingly caught up in geopolitical tensions and sovereignty issues.


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