OneCoin Rate in PKR

one coin to pkr

.OneCoin Rate in PKR . At present times Onecoin has been growing at a very fast rate in from the past year and within no time the rate of Onecoin jumped from 5 Euros to 15 Euros in a very short time. Onecoin rate in PKR (Pakistani Rupee) has also increased in a similar fashion. As the exchange rate of Euro has also increased in Pakistan which is good news for people who are holding the coins at the moment.

Onecoin Rate in PKR

As most of us know that the volume of onecoin is 120 billion. The fixed volume of onecoin will surely benefit in raising the stock exchange price around Pakistan and other countries in the world. Once 80% of the coins have been mined, onecoin will issue its stocks in the market. Onecoin is trending in Pakistan at a very fast rate]. We will surely see the onecoin rate in pkr booming at the end of 2017.


1 OneCoin = 20.75 Euros

1 Euro = 141.72 Pakistani Rupees

1 Onecoin = 2940.69 Pakistani Rupees
As on 5th April 2018

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Onecoin to PKR

onecoin rate in pkr

Difficulty in the mining of onecoin is also rising day by day. As a result within no time it will surely see a spike up to 100 Euros in a very short time. At the start of 2016 we have seen increase in onecoin for more than 6 Euros which has increased the onecoin rate in pkr as well. Just like Bitcoin, onecoin will surely see a boom in near future. Nobody knew that Bitcoin that started from 7 PKR will go to a price as high 800,000. Therefore at the moment, same can happen to Onecoin which is increasing at a faster rate similar to Bitcoin.

How to buy OneCoin in Pakistan?

You will not find any open dealers in the market providing you onecoin. The easiest and secure way to buy Onecoin is through website. Login to the website and create your account. After then select the package and make payment.

Finally, with the ban of Bitcoin trade in Pakistan, Onecoin is the best-valued platform to start trading right from today without wasting any further time. We will update this page whenever there will be increase or decrease in onecoin rate in pkr.



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