New Gadgets 2018 That Are Worth Buying

5 Trending New Gadgets 2018
2018 is right on its way and so are the new gadgets. At CES 2018 we have seen a lot of cool and new items from different tech companies. So, I am going to discuss with you not all of them but 5 of them here. Below are the 5 trending new gadgets 2018 that you can buy or sell on Amazon as well.

New Gadgets 2018 That Are Worth Buying

5. Tile Slim

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Meet the tile slim, the world thinnest Bluetooth tracker. Tile Slim is as thin as 2 credit cards, which makes it easy to fit in wallets, passports, and pockets. Just attach it to anything and choose a ringtone with the Tile app. Now you can always find your things if you misplace them anywhere around. And in the case, you misplaced your phone then simply press the button on Tile Slim and your phone will ring up even if in silent mode.


And if you lose your wallet with Tile Slim inside it then don’t worry. Tile app can still help you find your wallet. Just ask to be notified when the wallet is found. When any user in Tile network comes in range with your missing wallet, the tile app will notify you of its recent location. Get Tile Slim today and never worry about losing your phone, wallet or laptop anymore.


 New Gadgets 2018


Now, this is something I was wishing to include in the list of new gadgets 2018. Just remember the last time you needed to send a message or to tell someone where you were, but for some reasons, you couldn’t. That’s because there were too many people around you or you were too far away from the signal tower or maybe the network was down. Cell phones are great but there are situations where it’s harder to communicate due to several reasons.


Now everything is going to change with goTenna. It pairs automatically with your smartphone, making it possible to text with friends or share your location even if you don’t have network signals. There is no need for cell towers, Wi-Fi or satellites anymore. With goTenna, you can communicate from any remote location. Find your friends when everyone is struggling to send messages. goTenna is great for travelers because it works anywhere in the world. This makes it one of the best new gadgets to travel around the world.

3. hugOne: One of the best new gadgets of 2018

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Have you ever thought about a device that tracks your sleeping performance? Yes, you heard that right. hugOne is one of those new gadgets that track your family’s sleeping performance. The tiny sensors on hugOne are capable of tracking your sleeping performance. It tells you how much hours you slept and how much you need to sleep more to stay healthy. The device starts glowing when it’s your bedtime. It gives you Air Quality notifications in order to facilitate a healthy flow of air inside the room.


2. Ubtech Walker

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And that time is not far when the robots will rule the world. Someone just said that right and this has started happening in 2018. Also, artificial intelligence companies are making huge profits introducing new robots in the market. Ubtech Walker is a highly intelligent robot that can walk around your home to detect any unnecessary activity. It can record, detect and patrol at the same time to give you maximum security at any time of the day. Well at the daytime you can make him dance and play games with you.


1. Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless headphone

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This wireless headphone takes the number one on our list of new gadgets 2018. No matter, how long the name might be, but this is a wonderful gadget. This Bluetooth Wireless headphone gives you extraordinary sound clarity and bass definition. Now, I don’t know about the price of Amiron but this will be the most expensive headphone of 2018. Rumors are that it might cost around $500 or not more than $750. Well if you find one with a cheap price then do not forget to tell me as well.


Finally, these were some of the new gadgets 2018 that are worth buying on the list. If you have something to add then please do not hesitate to tell me in the comments section down there.

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