How to install SIM card on HP Laptop

How to use SIM card in PC

How to install SIM card on HP Laptop. Well SIM card is something which can be used in your tabs or mobile phones. Then how is it possible using it on your laptop. So, the good news is that you can use SIM card on this laptop and here is the way to do it. We will tell you a simple way on how to install SIM card on HP laptop. Don’t worry you don’t need to take out the batteries and do that technical stuff anymore.

install SIM card on HP laptop

How to install SIM card on HP Laptop (Easy Way)

Installing SIM card software on your HP Laptop

  • Now the first thing you need to do is to install is the software for your laptop device. Now I am using HP laptop, in this case, therefore I will visit the HP’s official website. If you are using any device other than HP like Dell, Haier or Lenovo then you need to visit your manufacturer’s website.
  • Once you are on the website you need to identify the model of your laptop. Once identified you will head to the section where you can choose to install the type of driver you want. On the HP’s website, you will see the “Software-Solutions”. Click on the (+) sign behind it and you will see the image as shown below

install sim in hp laptop

  • On this section find the “HP Connection Manager” and download it. Afterwards, install the HP connection manager on your laptop. In order to install SIM card on HP laptop, it is important to look to have this software or else you will have to go out for the technical changes, which in some cases can result in device malfunction.

install SIM in PC

  • Now after you have installed the HP connection manager go on the Google and look for the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 drivers for HP and install them. After installing the drivers open the software and search for your cellular network. Select your cellular network and click the Connect tab


  • Now open the HP connection manager and it will allow you to see your messages and make calls. Enjoy


So finally this is a simple trick on how to install SIM card on HP laptop if you want to get rid of that technical stuff or modifying your laptop. If your other laptop then HP then just simply look for the connection manager relevant to your manufacturer and do the same process.

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