Best Remote Control Helicopters in India 2018

Remote control helicopters

Just like the drones, remote control helicopters are also trending in India and other parts of the world. RC Helicopters are not much different from drones. The only things that vary are the design, performance and nature of use. Today, we will discuss best remote control helicopters in India that are worth trying.


best remote control helicopters in india


HAK 303 is built with the flexible material that prevents it from cracking upon impact. It comes with spare blades and connecting buckles. HAK 303 is quite an amazing RC helicopter for the beginners. We really loved the paint job done on this RC helicopter.

 Despite its good quality build, there are some downsides to HAK 303. The remote control that comes with HAK 303 becomes unresponsive sometimes. Moreover, the side to side motion of HAK 303 struggles as well. 

Toy Joy M310

RC helicopter best

M310 comes with blue and red lines that make it look like a Police Helicopter. It has a classic controller that controls the height of the unit and an elegant design. It is the best remote control helicopter in India meant for kids. M310 is great to use indoor and outdoor as well.

 In terms of cons, this helicopter has a tendency to lean at one side during flight. The remote control that comes with this device is bulky. 


best helicopter remote control

Lutema RC helicopter allows your to fly it in all directions, including side to side using its fully functional hover motors. It handles the high winds pretty well due to its compact size. It’s small enough to toss in your bag for the last minutes flying expeditions. Moreover, it’s the only RC helicopter whose parts are available in the market.

 If we talk about the downside, then the user manual that come with this device is poorly written. Besides, that it’s a really good RC device in India. 

Safeplus S107G

Safeplus RC helicopters

Safeplus S107G comes with a 3-way precision controller. It allows you the adjustable propeller controls for a stable flight experience. This thing has a great connectivity range when compared to other Rc helicopters in this list. It’s features are superwide infrared control and ready to fly mode.

 The only bad thing about this device is the backward movement. Its backward movement during the flight is not good .

Syma S102G

syma RC helicopter india best

Military lovers will get attracted to fancy looking Syma S102G. It has 2 red lights on top that allows you to navigate it at night. The controller that comes with this device is great. It offers 10 minutes of flying time on a full charge. The smooth takeoff and landing features are the worth to consider here as well.

 Every good thing has a downside as well, Syma S102G cannot withstand the wind. 


Rc helicopter india

G610 is super crash resistant and nearly indestructible. Due to its small dimensions, it is easy to fly in tight spots. The controller with this device allows you to shift between low and high speeds. The battery charges to full in 30 minutes.

 Again, this thing also suffers in wind so it’s better to use it indoor. 


best remote Rc helicopters India

A great RC helicopter with steady metal alloy frame that makes it perfect for a flight. It’s excellent for hovering so you can get the best shots with it’s builtin camera. It has a 500-foot range to stay connected with controller. In addition, it has integrated micro-SD card reader to expand memory.

 The only drawback we found was the controller. The controller becomes unresponsive sometimes are the distance of the helicopter increases. 


Finally, these were some of the best remote control helicopter in India to try on. The one we recommend from this list is Syma S102G. As you know, Syma is known for producing quality drones and quadcopters. S102G delivers a great battery life and features at an affordable price.


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