Best Game Console for Kids 2018

best game consoles for kids

Best Game Console for Kids 2018. We know that picking the right game console for kids isn’t an easy task. Especially, gaming consoles for a kid below 7 years of age becomes more difficult to choose. Not every gaming platform produces games meant to be played for kids. Most of the gaming consoles offer games rated with PG or Blood Violence. So we prepared a list of some best game console for kids to play their favourite games.

Best Game Console for Kids 2018


NINTENDO from the beginning has been a favourite gaming platform for kids. Because the interface and games released on this platform are truly meant for kids and teenagers. Nintendo Switch is an exciting innovative game console for kids. Nintendo switch is a fun mix of handheld and home console at one place. Targeted for the young audience the Switch allows player to play on a hand held device, afterwards “Switch” to TV by slotting the device into the home console.

Best Game Console for Kids

Encouraging multiplayer and social gaming, the Switch is a great option for kids looking to play with their friends and family. Playing games like Mario Kart will be an unforgettable experience on this console.

PlayStation 4 Slim

Best Game Console for Kids 2018

Slim is the slimmed down and lower spec version of the PS4 Pro. So far, it has been the best game console for kids in 2017. We will definitely recommend you this console if you got low budget. However, the PS4 slim does not supports some amazing features like 4K support, otherwise it’s a perfect match for a kid. The Slim is a cheaper way to get set up with Sony’s Virtual Reality add-on. With a huge catalogue of games, media and internet integration, the slim is a strong all-rounder. PS4 slim is definitely a value pick for casual gaming families.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Best Game Console for Kids 2018

Indeed one of the world’s most powerful gaming consoles, PS4 Pro is unbeatable in war of gaming consoles. At the higher end of console pricing, and with some pretty advanced hardware it is really difficult to challenge the system. The PS4 Pro is also a best candidate for setting up virtual reality add-on. PlayStation 4 is best game console for kids if you are looking for a machine which is remain current and cutting edge for number of years.


Best Game Console Kids


The Xbox One is the third generation console from Xbox family. Though, the console is three years old but still holds up to date hardware and high-end media capabilities. The Xbox One is certainly worth exploring if your budget doesn’t stretch to Xbox One S. And if your kids aren’t that fussed about having the latest and greatest console on this planet.

Xbox One S

Best Game Console for Kids

A more trimmed down and boost up version of the three years old Xbox One. With 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR, this console offers more detailed specs for reasonable price. Aimed at advanced gaming audience, Xbox One S is truly meant for old kids. However, it will be a good investment for growing kid who want to progress in multimedia and gaming.

Which is the best game console for kid to choose in 2018?

So these were best game console for kids so far. However, keep in mind that before buying always ask your kid what kind of game he or she likes. If they like adventure games then go for Nintendo Switch, otherwise PlayStation or Xbox One S might be a better choice to make.

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  1. You should probably mention some of those games targeted at kids that make the consoles worthy to them. All you’ve really said here is that the Switch has Mario Kart and is handheld, and that the other consoles are powerful. That isn’t enough.

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