Best Computer Games for Kids

Best Computer Games for Kids

Best Computer Games for Kids. Kids love playing games and when it comes to playing games on computer, kids go crazy about for it. With the advancement in the gaming technologies, gaming trends have changed across the world. Not every game out there is good for your kids because most of them now days have blood and violence material. So we have filtered some best computer games for Kids that will surely entertain your kids and are truly free from any kind of violence, blood and sexual contents.

Best Computer Games for Kids

World of Zoo

Best computer games for kids-world of zoo


On the top of our list of best computer game for kids stands “World of Zoo” that is everyone’s favourite game on the PC, especially for the kids. Yes as the name suggests in this game kids can create zoo with different animals in it. It’s totally up to your kid to design his or her zoo and take care of the animals and build strong relationship with them. There are nearly 90 species of animals with detailed information of every species which gives your kid to learn about different animals and their behavior. World of Zoo will engage your kid for hours and we bet he or she won’t get their hands off the PC.


best computer games for kids - lucidtiy


Lucidity is a puzzle game that features a character called “Sofi”. It is the job of your kid to keep Sofi safe in her dream by solving different puzzles. There are different levels which can be unlocked by catching the fireflies in the game. Lucidity is one of the best computer games for kids when it comes to puzzle solving skills of your kids.


best computer games for kids - create


Create is a puzzle game that offers different challenges and goals to your kids to complete. Upon completion of each level your kid earns a spark that helps in unlocking another level. While Create allows players to design their own challenges and offer them to friends. Create is a game you will love to play as a family. This game develops the critical thinking skill in your kids.

Nancy Drew

Best computer games for kids-nancy drew

A game based on the novels of mysteries of Nancy Drew. There are different missions in which you have to unlock codes and find solution of different mysteries. Kids love playing this game as it develops critical thinking power in them. There is minimum violence in the game. Therefore make sure your kid is minimum 10 years old.

Star Wars

best computer games for kids - starwars


Yeah we know every kid out there love Star Wars. It is one of the best computer games for kids available in the market. R2-D2 collect blueprints, develop villages and discover new hidden secrets on different stars. You don’t need to install this game as this game can be played free at . Kids can play with their favourite characters from Star Wars original Movie. Star wars is probably the best game around the world.

Other Best Kids Games for PC 2018

Here are some other best Kids games for PC in 2018 to give a try. These are some of my favourite games that I play with my own younger brother.

Disney’ Monster Inc

Best Kids Games for PC 2018


Disney’s Monster Inc is the game that was released along with the movie having the same name. All of your favourite monsters are there to play in the game. Definitely, it is one of the best kids games for PC you should play. Scare your enemies while learning trick to trade on Island is super fun.

I Spy Treasure Hunt

PC games for kids


Your kids will have an amazing time playing this game. Explore spectacular location one after another in this beautiful game. Your kid will learn the basic reading and vocabulary skills while playing it. It is one of the best Kids games to play on computer because it’s super easy to play.

The Kids Collection

This Kids Collection is a piece of gift from Electronic Arts. It is a compilation of six complete PC games for kids. The six different games are the Sim Theme Park, Sim Safari, Sim Town, LEGO Soccer Mania, Sim Coaster, and the LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts.

Barbie Horse Adventures Mystery Ride

Best kids pc games for girls

One of the best PC games for girls I will recommend. It’s totally up to you and Barbie to become super sleuths on horseback when foul play is suspected at Whispering Springs Ranch. Barbie needs your help to locate Lucky in time for the National Championship Horse Show.

Here are some other Kids games for PC that you will also love

  • Blue Clues
  • Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventures
  • Thomas and Friends
  • Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Shrek 2

Educational Games for kids on PC

Let us talk about some educational games for the kids as well. So, we have short listed some games that can make your kids learn and have fun at the same time.

Museum Madness

museum madness educational games

This game was the night at the museum a decade early. You play a kid same like the one from “Princess Bride” and your partner is R2-D2 robot named “Mick”. Your partner robot is an informational Kiosk that helps you all the way in the game. The Museum has been struck with a computer virus and you must save it by overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles. The only bad thing about this game is you have to struggle finding the download file on the internet. Yes, it’s the game from the old Windows 95 days.


educational games fro kids

If your kid struggles in Geography lessons at the school, then this game can help a lot. One of the best educational games I recommend when it comes to learn about world. Where in the world is Carmen SANDEIGO was not an educational game but a comic show and a TV series as well. Your job is to find out some of the Carmen SANDIEGO’s crooks. You can track down these thieves through geography and history clues.

Number Munchers

math games for kids

Maths might have been boring for you, but did you played number Munchers? It’s more of a Pac-man looking game but with numbers. I bet you will start loving maths once you play Number Munchers. This is a straight up Math based game and it’s so addicting. The concept is simple, an answer appears at the top of the screen and you have to munch equations that produce the answers. Munch on the wrong answer and you lose a life. It’s that simple. Also, be aware of the monsters wandering around the grid looking to munch on you.

So these were the best computer games for kids that we have to offer in our list. Finally if you have some other options to recommend us in the future posts then please do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section below.


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