Apple might launch a foldable iPhone by 2020

foldable iphone

I am back here with some new tech news or rumor going viral over the internet about foldable iPhone. By introduction of “notch” in iPhone X, I was pretty sure that Apple is planning something new for its future devices. And it came out that Apple is planning to launch a foldable device by 2020.

The truth about Foldable iPhone Patent

Apple filed a patent application at the end of 2017 for a foldable display. There were rumors that Apple has been working along with LG to produce a foldable iPhone. Samsung has already been working on their Samsung Galaxy X or 10 that will be available sometime in 2018.

foldable iPhone

Now Apple’s patent describes a foldable display that can be opened and closed like a book. It might have the new thinner Micro-LED technology display as one of the main types of this foldable phone. The patent also discusses the liquid metal being used in this phone as well. Rumors are that Apple is not only working in collaboration with LG but also Sony to produce smartphones in future.

What might a foldable iPhone look like?

In the patent, Apple claimed that they want a device which is flexible. Now we really don’t know how much flexibility a foldable iPhone can withstand. The future device might be fully foldable or up to some extent may be. In Addition, Apple has not made any official statement about launching such a product neither did they replied to any question regarding such product.

Finally, it is obvious that Apple will produce a product that will be unique when compared to other phones in the market. Now the question is that what will somebody do with a foldable iPhone? Of course, it’s kind of a weird concept to me but who know what added features it will come with.

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